1. All of my work is made by hand, with love in my studio. On top of shipping time, production will take up to one week. If you need a piece by a certain date please contact me and I will do my utmost best to try and accommodate you as best I can. I will always let you know how long it will take for you to receive your jewellery. There is nothing more frustrating then not knowing when you will receive something, so I will always inform you on an estimated time. 

2. If you are purchasing a ring, please make sure you know your ring size before you place your order. You can visit a local jeweller/jewellery store to have your fingers sized. Remember, to specify to the Jeweller if you are purchasing from me a narrow band or wide band. This makes a difference in sizing. For wider bands I usually add 1/2 size to your actual ring size. I will always double check your ring size with you before I make your ring, so that we can avoid any errors.

3. When something is being handcrafted it is important that you know that not everything will turn out the same as what the picture looks like, but it is pretty darn close :)

4. For all of my kiln fired items, please be aware that I cannot control the colours. Sometimes they turn out lighter, or darker. I also cannot control the speckles, but I try to take them out of the kiln when they look their best.



All orders are mailed through Canada Post. Orders will be processed 1-3 days after payment, Monday to Friday (Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the following Monday). I will not process or ship any orders on national holidays. Items will be shipped through Canada Post and costs will be determined by size and weight. I combine shipping for multiple orders and ship worldwide. The standard shipping method used is the fastest and most economical - it does NOT have insurance or tracking - please contact us if you would like this option to be added.

Please note that items usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door because they are coming from Canada. Please be patient, customs on both ends of the transaction are usually responsible for the delay.


Refund Policy

I completely understand that shopping online is a little more difficult because you cannot see the piece in real life. Photographs are enlarged to show detail, but actual sizes are represented to the best of my ability through additional photos (on a live model/hand) and measurements in both metric (mm/cm) and imperial units (inches/feet). If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will be happy to issue an exchange, refund or store credit (minus shipping). For hygienic reasons, all earrings are FINAL SALE, sale/clearance items are also final sale.

There will be No refunds or exchanges on custom or personalized orders.

Please contact me BEFORE returning an item within 3 days of receipt for an authorization of your refund. If there is an error on my end, I will accept responsibility for return shipping. Otherwise, return shipping is the customer's responsibility - shipping with tracking is recommended (but not necessary) to ensure the item is successfully delivered and returned in the condition received.

All proofs of shipment (stamped by the post office) are kept for one year, please note that there will be NO refunds for uninsured items sent through Light Packet service - a copy of the proof of shipment can be e-mailed upon request. Insurance is available for items sent through Small Packet service, please contact me if you would like insurance.

If you are unhappy and not satisfied with the item that I have made for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am totally dedicated to all of my customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.


Other Info (Including Wholesale)

FAQs and Helpful Information:

1. How do I care for my Jewellery?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the jewellery industry :) There are a few ways to care for your jewellery, and I will always provide a list printed on recycled paper included in your purchase. In no particular order:

-Polishing cloths are a good to remove tarnish from silver, copper, brass and gold. I find they work the best on anything with a flat surface. It brings back that wonderful shine. I do not sell any, but there are sellers on etsy that sell cloths. Also, you can purchase them local craft stores or Jewellery stores.

-Baking soda is a fantastic way to clean your silver, copper and brass jewellery and is EARTH FRIENDLY! Create a thick paste with water and gently scrub your piece of jewellery. This is a fantastic method for anything that I have oxidized, meaning the black stuff. Silver cleaner will remove the black stuff, and you do not want that. This method is also the only safe way to clean silver with pearls. The baking soda does not damage the pearls and will not remove the nacre. After scrubbing your jewellery make sure that you rinse the piece thoroughly with water and dry with kleenex. Do not use paper towel. Paper towel is an abrasive. After drying, if you would like that extra shine use a polishing cloth.

-Silver dip is another way to clean your jewellery. There are many different types out there and all are made specifically for gold, silver, copper and brass. The best stuff that I have found so far for silver is called Tarn-x. You can purchase this from Canadian Tire, or even your local hardware store. It costs about $8.00, and is a black and white bottle. Make sure that you wear gloves when handling this stuff, and read the instructions before using. Only use chemical on my polished silver. DO NOT USE ON OXIDIZED JEWELLERY, OR COPPER THAT HAS BEEN TREATED. After dipping your jewellery, make sure you rinse well with water and dry with kleenex. Again, you can use the polishing cloth to get some extra shine if you wish.

-When it comes to storing your jewellery, store your items in a plastic ziplock. This helps your pieces from tarnishing :)

-I always advise my customers to take off their jewellery before going near water. This includes a hot tub. The chemicals will ruin your jewellery, and turn it some nasty colours. Going on a vacation? Again, take off your jewellery and store it some place safe. The ocean is beautiful, but will suck your jewellery right off your body. Putting your jewellery on dry hands will also help eliminate bacteria forming under rings. If you are noticing a rash forming under any rings, it's because water is getting trapped and it's causing an irritation. I work in a jewellery store part time, and have countless people come in with this problem, and all of them didn't take off their rings when going into water. If this happens to you, I advise to not wear your rings until the rash clears. With the advice of a pharmacist, over the counter creams can be used.

-Last but not least, always put your jewellery on after you have applied hairspray and perfume :)

2. Will your copper pieces turn my skin green?

The pieces that I have treated should not turn your skin green. These pieces have a protective lacquer that helps protect the patina and your skin. These pieces should avoid all chemicals, and should be cleaned with mild soap and water. For the items that have not been treated, there is a possibility that it will turn your skin green. Every persons chemical make up is different, so I have no idea if a piece will turn your skin green, or not. I work with pure copper, and the best way to find out is by trying a piece. Most customers who like to wear copper do not care about having an occasional green stain. The same bracelet which remains shiny for one person, will turn another person's wrist green, or may acquire multicolored patinas on another. The most interesting fact is that the green stains are caused by deposits of chelated copper and their presence relates directly to the body chemistry of the wearer. Chelated means they are copper compounds in a soluble form assimilable by our bodies. Copper in its pure metallic form cannot be taken in by our bodies, while chelated copper compounds are easily absorbed by our skin. They become visible when the wearer's body dissolves the copper faster than it absorbs it. This happens when there is profuse perspiration (as when exercising on a hot day), or when our sweat becomes more acidic. The acidity of our sweat increases with physical, emotional or mental stress. It also increases with unhealthy diets. The human body needs more minerals when growing, when pregnant, or when recovering from disease or surgery. A body starving for copper will even manage to dissolve the copper contained in gold alloys and leave marks under 14K gold rings. If you suspect having copper deficiency, please consult your holistic doctor, naturopath or dietician, who by ordering a simple blood test will know the mineral supplements you need to regain balance. There are so many articles that you can read on the benefits of copper jewellery, and my hope is that more people begin to enjoy this beautiful metal for not only it's health benefits but for the gorgeous colours it offers :)

3. Do you offer wholesale/consignment terms?

Wholesale inquiries are welcome! Please contact me for further information at: breanne@wfdjewellery.com